Kelly Given, ICF Certified Coach & Rocket

I am a COACH because most of my success, and more importantly, the awareness gained from my failures, have come from being coached.

Before I was a coach, I was the first female in a sales position at two major motorcycle dealerships in the great city of Toronto. I facilitated over 1000 unit sales to the direct consumer over a 5-year period. This is where I first developed my LOVE for helping people get what they want.

I subsequently managed several large fitness facilities for a large national corporation, where I repeatedly surpassed multi-million dollar annual sales targets. My success there gave me opportunities to work with top fitness professionals and executives from across North America, to participate in several Leadership Development programs, to coach and be coached on a daily basis, and to supplement my ongoing self-education with sales training and workshops.

One of my major strengths was helping individual Personal Trainers build sustainable businesses. I started by listening to their vision, and through reflective inquiry was able to reveal their existing strengths and competencies, alleviating doubt and building confidence. I helped them build skills in sales, marketing, program design, and communication. I strove to be a Leader and Champion for growth.


My purpose now is to help YOU. I am a thought wrangler, a builder of belief, a harvester of results.

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  • FLOW COACHING INSTITUTE ICF Certified Coach (2020)

  • POLIQUIN INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Level 1 and 2 completed in Rhode Island with Charles Poliquin (2013)

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: sales, leadership, fitness, personal and professional development

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John Bowman, ICF Certified Coach & Nerd

I can help you identify and engage in clear action to move towards your personal and professional goals. We will work together to create an Alignment of your Motivations and Identity that engages the full force of your personal strengths to the achievement of those goals. 


I come with a wealth of experience, having worked in the public and private sectors, for large and small companies, and for companies I built from the ground up. I have worked and studied in Canada, in Northern Ireland, and in the Netherlands. My passion for coaching grew in the years I spent helping clients reach their health and fitness goals, and helping personal trainers build their fitness business goals. 


The events of 2020 gave me pause to re-examine my priorities and values and to re-imagine the future I want to create for myself and for others. Professional, evidence-based coaching theory and practice is the vehicle through which I am building that future. Let me help you create the future you want.


  • FLOW COACHING INSTITUTE ICF Certified Coach (2020)

  • CERTIFIED COACHES FEDERATION Certified Coach Practioner (2019)

  • ROTTERDAM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT International Master of Business Administration Program (2004)

  • UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Master of Science (MSc), Molecular and Medical Genetics (2001)

  • UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO Bachelor of Science (BSc), Honours Biology (1998)

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: entrepreneurship, career transition, personal and professional development, motivation and leadership

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