Coaching Services

What do you want to achieve? 


Get the help you need to clearly define your big goal, to get organized and working on specific steps to take you there. I can help with accountability, consistency, guidance and advice.

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Losing weight has more to do with lifestyle and habits than anything else. I will help you identify critical moments and establish healthy behaviours to get you to your body weight goal and beyond. 

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Are you ready for a change? Do you know what change you want? How to make it happen? Do you need that extra push? Do you need to clearly examine your options? I can help.

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Great managers do more than get results. They keep people accountable, they build trust, they communicate well. They manage not only the people they work with, but they manage themselves. I can help.

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I've helped people start new businesses, lose weight, change careers, and get promotions. Whatever your motivation and dream, I can help make it a reality. Throughout the coaching program, we will work together to: 

  • Clearly define your dreams and figure out where your priorities lie

  • Recognize your skills, talents, and unique abilities

  • Set or refocus your goals

  • Build confidence

  • Stay accountable as you navigate the path to success

  • Consider alternative approaches you might not have thought of

  • Prepare for potential challenges and move past any obstacles that you do encounter

We will take a systematic approach to achieving success and change. I will be on your side every step of the way, to talk through any issues that may come up, to help you set goals and plans, to hold you accountable and to cheer you on. In return, you will need to commit to the work it will take to be successful. 

Details & Pricing

The first step is to book a free, no obligation video call with me, a virtual coffee so we can discuss your goals and challenges and figure out if coaching might be right for you. I can answer any questions you have about the coaching, about me, and about what will be expected. We can also discuss what type of coaching plan would work best for you. Pricing starts at $79/session and every coaching plan includes: 

  • a specified number of 45-minute virtual coaching sessions, typically using the Zoom platform

  • a schedule for sessions to be held one or two times per week depending on your goal

  • unlimited email contact and regular text message contact to follow up on progress

Click the link below to book I encourage you to book your free no-obligation virtual coffee with me so we can discuss your goals and challenges. I will answer any questions  you have about coaching, about me, and about the options available for us to work together to achieve your goals. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Book a free virtual coffee with me so that we can discuss your goals and challenges and figure out which coaching plan makes the most sense for you. The first thing to do is to book a virtual call with me to talk about your goals and challenges, discuss options, and figure out if coaching is right for you. Each plan includes: