Coaching Services

Coaching is a human technology built to create and facilitate change. A common foundation and approach is taken regardless of whether the coaching is described as executive, personal, lifestyle, career, business, or development.


Coaching involves a collaboration between you and the coach to clearly identify and describe the goal in question, the motivating factors, the resources and strengths available, clear actions and accountability tools required to reach your full potential.


In all cases, the first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our coaches to discuss your goals and challenges and determine what kind of package works best for you.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching describes a one-on-one coaching relationship between you and the coach. Personal coaching goals vary greatly in nature and can include goals such as personal or professional development, career change, expat transition, and business startup.

In all cases, you will work with your coach to develop clear goals and progress markers for your coaching engagement. Typical Personal Coaching packages cover 3-6 months of coaching with weekly or biweekly hour-long sessions.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching typically describes coaching engagements in a corporate setting that may be sponsored by an employer.

Goals for an Executive Coaching engagement may be tied to productivity, business performance, or leadership development, and will be aligned with the goals of the organization. Progress may be measured with key performance indicators (KPIs) or with psychometric tools such as a 360-degree assessment.


Given the nature of sponsorships and goal alignments, your human resource department and immediate supervisor may be involved at different stages of the engagement. Typical Executive Coaching packages cover 6-12 months of coaching with biweekly sessions and unlimited contact.

Assessments & Workshops

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Lifestyle coaching describes a one-on-one coaching relationship that is focused on making changes to your daily habits. The main goals in lifestyle coaching revolve around health and wellness, and can include goals such as weight loss and fitness.

Lifestyle coaching clients gain additional benefit from the coach’s experience and knowledge of exercise and nutrition, often helping to find or curate information relevant to building lifestyle habits that will allow them to reach their goals.


Typical Lifestyle Coaching packages cover 3-6 months of coaching with weekly half-hour sessions.

Lifestyle Coaching