The Path to Change

How It Works

When working together towards your goals, we will progress through the four stages of the Coaching Cycle. We will start in the Discovery phase by figuring out what you really want and what might be holding you back. Through our work together in the Identification and Action stages, you will ultimately achieve the Realization of those dreams and goals. Ambitious, long-term goals may be broken down into smaller goals and work through the Coaching Cycle for each of these.

Everyone's journey is highly personal and individual. Hover over the stages below to learn more about the four stages of The Coaching Cycle:


This is where we start. I will guide you through conversation and reflection to figure out what you really want and what might be holding you back. This phase may include:

  • Deep goal-setting

  • Six Resource Profile review

  • Discovery of motivators, strengths, opportunities, dreams

  • Discovery of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

  • Making the invisible visible


Clear goals and timelines will lead us to the identification of key challenges and milestones on the road to success. We will lay out clearly defined, easily achievable strategies and steps, including:

  • Positive self-talk and strategies

  • Habit mapping 

  • Specific actions and outcomes

  • Planning for success


This is where most of the real, conscious work will be done. By focusing on early, incremental action and success, we will drive to further success and change. We will:

  • Maintain accountability, track results

  • Progress step-by-step using the roadmap

  • Address unforeseen issues that arise and adjust the roadmap as necessary


Realization of your big goal, your dream, your new you! 

This is the final stage where new habits, positive self-talk, and behaviours require little to no conscious effort:

  • Desired outcomes are achieved

  • May be time to reflect and review, to reframe perspective and set new goals - to return to Discovery